FC Shuhadas

Picture Detail Incidence Date District
Photo Not Available Mr.Eric Charles Handy Side Commandant
Eric Charles Handy Side was the Commandant Frontier Constabulary, who was famous for many daring encounters with tribal raiders and outlaws. He was killed in action on 11 April, 1926.
11/04/1926 CHQ PESHAWAR
Photo Not Available Mr.Safwat Ghayur Commandant
Addl. I.G Safwat Ghayur, S.St, was born on 14th July 1959 and belonged to 9th common PSP. In his distinguished career, he served as I.G Northern Areas, CCPO Peshawar & SSP Peshawar before taking over the Command of Frontier Constabulary as Commandant. He was awarded “Sitara-e-Shujaat” for his relentless service to the country. Mr. Sifwat Ghayur embraced Shahadat in a suicide attack at FC Chowk near Deans Trade Center, Peshawar, On 04/08/2010.
08/04/2010 CHQ PESHAWAR
Photo Not Available Mir.Wali Jan S/O Abdullah Jan Assistant District Officer
At Tank Road Near Dabbara
28/05/2007 FC MANZAI
Platoon No: HQ
Photo Not Available Mr.Amir Badshah S/O Khan Badshah District Officer
Targeted by miscreants near Patang Chowk, Ring road, Peshawar.
15/05/2016 CHQ PESHAWAR
Photo Not Available Mr.Karim Khan S/O Chaman Khan Assistant District Officer
Zargari Shinwari
12/07/2008 FC HANGU
Platoon No: HQ