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Frontier Constabulary (FC) is governed under the Frontier Constabulary Act, 1915 and North West Frontier Constabulary Rules, 1958. The maintenance, superintendence, administration and control of Frontier Constabulary is vested in the Federal Government. Moreover, the Federal Government is empowered to deploy Frontier Constabulary in any part of Pakistan for better protection and administration of those areas. STRUCTURE Frontier Constabulary has its Corps Headquarters (CHQ) located in Peshawar. It is headed by Commandant Frontier Constabulary (CFC), an officer of Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) and of the rank of BS-21. He is assisted in the administrative affairs by two Deputy Commandants (DCs FC), officers of Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) and of the rank of BS-20. Besides, there are a number of Principal Staff Officers (PSOs) to look after the ordinary course of business. District is the basic unit of operational hierarchy of Frontier Constabulary. There are seventeen districts in total known by the names of FC Districts. Each district is headed by a District Officer (DO), commonly known as DO FC who is an officer of the rank of BS-19 or BS-18. He is assisted by a fixed number of Assistant District Officers (ADOs), commonly known as ADOs FC, the officers of the rank of BS-17.