Raised in: 1940 Sanctioned Platoons 20


By the middle of nineteenth century, the British East India Company extended its dominion to the foot hills of the India’s North West Frontier. The border hills were relatively inaccessible strongholds of various Pathan tribal clans, who had formed small gangs notorious for crimes of kidnapping for ransom and plundering the markets. The British employed the services of locals watch and ward. Initially Daryoba was under the direct command of DOFC Bannu. However, it was formed as an independent FC District in 1987 and housed in a fort built in 1940 situated in the northern side of district Bannu. The important posts of this district are Baran Dam, Khurrum Garhi, Head Khurrum and Shaheedan.

Officer Detail
Picture OfficerName Designation District
Mr. Arslan Zahid (PSP) District Officer FC DARYOBA
Muhammad Shoaib PSP Assistant District Officer FC DARYOBA

Pictures Of District