Raised in: 1985 Sanctioned Platoons 46


FC District Hayatabad derives its historicalness from its name “Pump Castle FC”. However, before partition it served as reserve of Corps HQ and was under the command of DOFC Bara. Subsequently, when Hayatabad became the residential hub and crime rate rose considerably in the area, it was given status of a proper FC district in 1985. It has several posts and picquets which provide security to the industrial area and Hayatabad residential area. Moreover FC posts of Regi Lalma PDA, World food godowns, Sakhi Pull, Michni Pull, Shagai Fort and Sufaid Sang protect Peshawar district from all directions. Moreover, the security of American consulate, Iranian Consulate and Khana-e-Farang Iran has also been handed over to FC Hayatabad. FC District Hayatabad has a training center for the Quick Reponse Force. There is a firing range facility available for trainees at and are 33 living barracks.

Officer Detail
Picture OfficerName Designation District
Mr. Tariq Aziz (PSP) District Officer FC HAYATABAD
MS. Hina Naik Bakht (PSP) Assistant District Officer FC HAYATABAD
Mr. Haider Ali (PSP) Assistant District Officer FC HAYATABAD
Mr. Saud Khan (PSP) Assistant District Officer FC HAYATABAD

Pictures Of District